NC PromiseLand CA B'Udderfly- ADGA Registered

Light gold with black moonspots

DOB: 07 August 2010


ADGA: D153438

Sire: Rosasharn TL Cauldron ++B

SS: Rosasharn Tiger L ++B

SD: Rosasharn UK Witch-Hazel

Dam: Pemberley Acres Dolnout Kisses

DS: NC PromiseLand Tur-Beau

DD: Buttin'Heads Dulzipnea

Old West's Reba Mac- AGS Registered

Light cream/tan buckskin with blue eyes

DOB: 05 February 2012

AGS: D-61128


Sire: Little Tot's Estate Penstemon

SS: Rosasharn HB Chewbacca *S

SD: Little Tot's Estate Limonium

Dam: Old West's Annie Oakley

DS: Olson Acres Hot Spot

DD: Little Wishes Angel's Dust

Gypsy Moon CM Koda- ADGA Registered

Chocolate Buckskin with moonspots

DOB: 29 February 2012


ADGA: D1614455

Sire:CH Rosasharn BB Chocolate Moose

SS: Rosasharn WT B-Bo ++*B

SD: Rosasharn SP Honey Badger 4*M

Dam: Gypsy Moon SD Irasbeth

DS: CH Gypsy Moon Sudoku

DD: Goldenbrook Farm Dot-to-Dot

Phantastic MP Caramel- ADGA & AGS Registered

Dark Gold with brown eyes

DOB: 19 March 2013

AGS: D-68684

ADGA: D1659269

Sire: J-Nels SM CM Dirty Harry

SS: Dragonfly L San Mateo *S

SD: J-Nels O Elle

Dam: SGM FR Annabelle

DS: SGM S Faith's Revelation

DD: Buttin'Heads Tachauna

Blue Summer Moon Laney- ADGA & AGS Registered

Buckskin with wattles and blue eyes

DOB: 02 March 2014

AGS: D-73943

ADGA: D1779068

Sire: Home on the Range Christian

SS: Hay There Barley

SD: Home on the Range AmazingGrace

Dam: Blue Summer Moon Lollie

DS: Ninas Hideaway Flicka's Casper

DD: Tin Roof PMY Sasha's Taffy

Cup of Joe Applejack- ADGA & AGS Registered

Buckskin with white spots and frosted ears

DOB: 14 March 2014

AGS: D-78642

ADGA: D1814245

Sire: Fields of Grace FL Wyatt Earp

SS: J-Nels GP Freelance

SD: Fields of Grace Rosie Posie

Dam: Cup of Joe Loli Capra

DS: Tiny Tales Pecos Bill

DD: Dixie Blossum WS/CR Crazy Too

Kitty Branch S Winter Star- ADGA & AGS Registered

Dark Buckskin with moonspots

DOB: 27 January 2015

AGS: D-83503

ADGA: D1714376

Sire: Flat Rock's Spitfire

SS: Flat Rock's Ember

SD: Five Alarm Hedwig

Dam: Flat Rock's Summer Star

DS: Flat Rock's Ember

DD: Flat Rock's Wish Upon A Star

Gypsy Moon ES Mezzaluna- ADGA Registered

Dark Buckskin with Blue eyes

DOB: 06 February 2015


ADGA: D1740699

Sire: CH Little Tots Estate Ericson

SS: AGS Caesar's Villa LV Eric

SD:GCH Little Tots Estate Acanthus 3*M

Dam: CH AGS Proctor Hill Farm BB Charivari

DS: AGS Valley View Tuition BlingBlang

DD: AGS Hames & Axle Joyous Medley

GGCF LSP Destiny- ADGA Registered

Red Gold with blue eyes

DOB: 27 February 2015

AGS: D-84395

ADGA: D1730226

Sire: CHW LOTR Legolas Sylvan Prince

SS: CHW Lord of the Rings

SD:Twin Creeks BW Peach Champagne

Dam: GGCF Hanna

DS: Creekside Farm Straw Man

DD: Kids Corral FF Thumbkin

Sugar Moon Chicory- ADGA & AGS Registered

Buckskin/Cou Clair Combo

DOB: 02 March 2015

AGS: D-83500

ADGA: D1739898

Sire: NC PromiseLand Ram-Beau +*S

SS: NC PromiseLand MG Beau ++*S

SD:Caesar's Villa DN Lizzie 3*D

Dam: NC PromiseLand Cajun Jig 3*D

DS: Rosaharn TL Cauldron

DD: ARMCH NC PromiseLand Jam-Beau-Laya 2*D

Old West's CR Graceland- ADGA & AGS Registered

Cream chamoisee

DOB: 20 March 2015

AGS: D-83502

ADGA: D1737997

Sire: Double Durango Captains River

SS: KACO Yellow Rose Captain S

SD:Little Tot's Estate River

Dam: Old West's Lucy Lu

DS: Little Tot's Estate BCV Valentino

DD: Old West's Lots of Faith

HiNote TS Cookie Crisp- ADGA & AGS Registered

Red buckskin with blue eyes, polled

DOB: 25 March 2015

AGS: D-78643H

ADGA: D1750309P

Sire: Timberwood Turtle Soup *S

SS: Dill's FH Gin Rummy +*S

SD:Kush-Hara Sensei 4*D

Dam: Cypress Valley VR Miss T

DS: Shekinah Creek Velvet Revolver

DD: Pine Shadows Strawberry Seed

K Family Trix Are For Kids- ADGA & AGS Registered

Light buckskin with heavy white overlay, polled

DOB: 25 March 2015

AGS: D-78645H

ADGA: D1750319P

Sire: Old West's Six Shooter

SS: Little Tot's Estate BCV Valentino

SD:Old West's Baby Belle

Dam: Shoals-A-Rolling Cocoa

DS: Little Wishes Marshal Dillon

DD: Little Wishes Angel's Dust

MT Rivendells T2P Crystal Blue- ADGA & AGS Registered

Light buckskin with heavy white overlay and blue eyes

DOB: 03 January 2016

AGS: D-84665

ADGA: D1817121

Sire: CUatLilRedBarn Ticket 2 Persia

SS: Old Mountain Farm Hot Ticket

SD: Roundabout Persian Princess

Dam: Gabbran Creek Blue Bayou

DS: Neightnkevs Champ

DD: Camanna PL Electra Blue

JBF G Sticky Bun- ADGA Registered

Black and Brown Buckskin

DOB: 04 March 2016

AGS: D-84394

ADGA: D1799636

Sire: Caprine Acres HS Geronimo

SS: Caprine Acres SG Hott Shott

SD: Caprine Acres HT Aruba

Dam: JBF EI Arya

DS: Flat Rock's Elvishimpersonator

DD: JBF N Sea Kelpie

Cup of Joe BB Buttered Biscuit- ADGA & AGS Registered

Buckskin with White Overlay; blue eyes

DOB: 29 April 2016

AGS: D-84672

ADGA: D1819567

Sire: Cup of Joe Boysenberry

SS: Fields of Grace FL Wyatt Earp

SD: Dixie Blossum HA Loretta Lynn

Dam: Dixie Blossum WS Toasted Blesing

DS: Dixie Blossum FS Winter Storm

DD: Dixie Blossum Shelby

Southern Grits Serrano- AGS Registered

Light Buckskin with white overlay

DOB: 04 May 2016

AGS: D-83950

ADGA: D1823918

Sire: Southern Grits FD Blue Bayou

SS: CHW BW Flying Dutchman

SD: LPC IS Dream Weaver

Dam: Lil' Hill Farm REV Felicia

DS: SGM S Faith's Revelation

DD: NC PromiseLand RB Fiona 2*D AR2742

Braided Branch Bernadine- ADGA Registered

Gold with abundant white and frosted ears

DOB: 13 June 2016


ADGA: D1820081

Sire: AGS Texas Barn Stars Angie's Beau

SS: Little Tot's Estate Buffalo Max *S

SD: Brairie Wood Zuni Patches

Dam: Caprakoza Annakiya

DS: Rosasharn SH A-Bit-Melliverous

DD: Caprakoza TR Guadete

Murphy Hollow Farms Ssuri- ADGA Registered

White with black and brown boots

DOB: 24 July 2016


ADGA: D1810010

Sire: Bucks and Bison Hoodo Brown

SS: Kids Corral LB Prince Blue

SD: Little Tots Estate BoPeep

Dam: AOF Anna Leonowens

DS: Silveraurora TH Apple Jack

DD: AOF Peg's Agnes Grey

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